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Structures Research Group

Engineering Department

Studying at Cambridge


Advanced Structures

Lightweight structures across a range of scales.

Advanced Structures - Read More…

Bridge Engineering

This theme investigates a wide range of projects that relate to the behaviour of Bridges.

Bridge Engineering - Read More…

Building Envelopes

Projects relating to facades and building skins.

Building Envelopes - Read More…

Building Physics

Projects related to heating, cooling and environmental behaviour of buildings.

Building Physics - Read More…

New Materials in Structural Engineering

A group of projects relating to the use of advanced fibres (aramid, carbon, PBO) to Structural Engineering problems

New Materials in Structural Engineering - Read More…

Risk and Assessment

Projects relating to risk, reliability and decision-making.

Risk and Assessment - Read More…

Structural Computation

Projects related to Numerical Computations for a variety of Structures.

Structural Computation - Read More…

Structural Dynamics

Projects relating to the dynamics of structures.

Structural Dynamics - Read More…

Structural Theory

A variety of projects related to miscellaneous structural theory.

Structural Theory - Read More…


Issues related to Sustainability of Structures

Sustainability - Read More…