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Christiana Smyrilli

Christiana Smyrilli

Supervisor: Professor Allan McRobie

University of Cambridge
Department of Engineering
Trumpington Street

Cambridge CB2 1PZ
Office Phone: 01223762456


Christiana studied Engineering at the University of Cambridge, specializing in Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering. She has then moved on the CDT in Future Infrastructure and the Built Environment, in the Engineering Department, for her MRes and PhD. Her research investigates the relationship between water and sanitation infrastructure in rural developing areas, and how gender relates to activities performed by men and women and the use of infrastructure within WASH. The current case study has been Uganda, while visits to Peru and India were also made to inform the research.

Research Interests

Water and sanitation infrastructure

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene


Rural developing areas


3D5: Water Engineering

IA Materials

ExA: Surveying on Coe Fen