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Mohammad Reza Golabchi

Mohammad Reza Golabchi

Supervisor: Professor Simon Guest

University of Cambridge
Department of Engineering
Trumpington Street
Cambridge, CB2 1PZ
United Kingdom

Office Phone: +44 1223 332693


Mohammad Reza Golabchi studied his PhD Degree in Structural Engineering at the University of Cambridge under supervision of Professor Simon Guest. He was awarded the Cambridge University Trust Scholarship, UK Overseas Research Students Award (ORS) and Taylor Grant from Corpus Christi College for his outstanding academic performance.

Research Interests

Mohammad Reza Golabchi's research has introduced novel analytical, computational and experimental techniques to describe the effective anisotropic behaviour of smart architectural structures; and has further explored how changes to the texture pattern could affect the structural behaviour of the shell surface. This has provided interesting insights into the remarkable multistable properties that these novel advanced architectural structures and smart textured surfaces could achieve.

His PhD research has been focused on the idea of forming surface features in the shell and combining this effective anisotropic ‘texture’ with prestressing. These novel prestressed textured shells provide a great variety of possibilities for the design of morphing multistable structures, where the structure can be repeatably transferred between distinctive stable configurations. For instance, they can be used in deployable structures, or in reconfigurable aircraft where the geometry of the structure can change in order to have more efficient flight configuration. Remarkably, the computational and experimental results in this study have shown that dimpled textured shells can achieve an effective Poisson’s ratio in bending of close to -1, illustrating a strong coupling between bending in two orthogonal directions and reinforcing the potential of using these textured shells as multistable structures.