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PhD Candidate Tahreer M. Fayyad (Abdalqader)

PhD Candidate  Tahreer  M.  Fayyad (Abdalqader)

PhD Candidate

Cambridge University
Engineering Department
Trumpington Street

Office Phone: +44 1223 332758


Tahreer graduated from the Islamic University of Gaza with a first class degree in Civil Engineering where Tahreer’s research interests were in the analysis and design of reinforced concrete structures.   Tahreer got a Master degree in Civil engineering in 2010 focusing on the optimizing the schedule of resource-constrained construction projects using Genetic Algorithms.  In parallel with her study, and having the knowledge in the technical and managerial parts of projects, Tahreer worked in different construction and humanitarian projects.

Tahreer joined the Concrete & Composite Structures Group in the  Structures Research Group  in October, 2012 as a PhD candidate working under the supervision of Dr. Janet Lees. Her research focuses on the crack analysis of reinforced concrete.

Tahreer is a member of Churchill College.

Research Interests

Tahreer’s research interests include:

  • Fracture Mechanics of concrete.
  •  Reinforced concrete fracture experiments.
  • Concrete cracking modelling.
  • Imaging and image processing using Digital image correlation (DIC).


Key Publications

Fayyad, T.M. and Lees J.M. (2015) "Evaluation of a minimum flexural reinforcement ratio using fracture-based modelling" Proceedings of the IABSE2015 Conference: Providing solutions to global challenges, Geneva, Switzerland pp. 735-742

Fayyad, T.M. and Lees J.M. (2015) "Integrated fracture-based model for the analysis of cracked reinforced concrete beams" Proceedings of the Concrete2015 conference, 27th Biennial National Conference of the Concrete Institute of Australia in cojunction with the 69th RILEM Week conference, Melbourne, Australia, pp. 1233-1242

Fayyad, T.M. and Lees, J.M. (2014) "Application of Digital Image Correlation to Reinforced Concrete Fracture" Procedia Materials Science - 20th European Conference on Fracture, Eds Z. Zhang, B. Skallerud, C. Thaulow, E. Østby and J. He, Elsevier v. 3, pp. 1585–1590 (published copy)(doi)