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How to add in a PhD abstract

This is primarily an aide-memoire for the webmaster - most users can't edit these pages

It is probably wise to have two editing windows open, one for the list of PhDs and one for the Abstracts

1.  Open the Ph.D Theses page under the Publications Tab and click on "edit"

2.  In the Body text box you will see the table as it currently stands.  Click on the HTML icon.  You will now see the HTML used to construct the table and can edit it directly.  Scroll to the top of that box.

There you will see a set of elements


This produces one line of the table

3.  To add a new thesis, copy (ctrl-c) the text above, and paste (ctrl-v) a new copy of it at the appropriate place where you want to add a new line.

(It is important that you make changes a line at a time - the command </tr> closes one line and <tr> opens a new one.  New lines must always be added between two existing like this otherwise the effect will be to mess up the layout of the table (unpredictably!).)

Then replace the dots in the text with information needed - Number, Name, Year and Title, so it will now look like

<td>Bloggs, J.</td>
<td>A study in scarlet</td>

Repeat for all new theses you want to add.

When done, click the HTML icon again and you should go back to the normal view - hopefully the table will now contain the new information.

4.  Before you can link to the abstract, you need to put it into the system.  To do this, click "home", "contents" and then "PhD abstracts" from the table.

5.  For each abstract you wish to add, click "add new" and select "page" from the drop-down menu.  You should then find yourself in the Edit page.  Enter a suitable short name (like the student's crsid plus "abs").  Put the thesis title under Title, and put the students name in the Description box.  Then put the text of the abstract into the body text box and edit the layout.  If you are copying text from elsewhere, it is probably a good idea to cut and past it into Notebook first, and then cut and paste it into this system.  That strips out all the Microsoft garbage.

Then save the page and change its state to "published".

6.  You can now return to the PhD Theses page and insert a link to the abstract. In the body text box, highlight the title of the thesis and then click on the "insert internal link" icon.  This will take you to the "Insert link" page.  Click on "home" in the left column, then PhD abstracts in the second column.  That opens a list of all the theses.  Find the right one, then click on it.  That should give the title in the right hand column.  Click OK.  Finally, click on save at the bottom.

7.  Check that it works!

For some abstracts, such as those that contain mathematics, it may be sensible to upload a pdf file.  Instead of adding a new "page" to the abstract folder, add a new "file", which should allow uploading a file.

Chris Burgoyne  30/3/2011