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Please read this first

The new Structures Group Web pages are being constructed using the University's Falcon Content System.  It is intended that users will be able to edit their own files without having to know how to write HTML.

The system separates the three elements of the site:-

1.  The "Look and feel" of the site is controlled by the UCS

2.  The way the site is structured is controlled by the site web master (Lorna and Chris) in consultation with the group

3.  The content of the pages is controlled by the page's owner(s) and they should be able to edit those pages without needing to get involved in writing HTML.

There is less freedom than you would have if you were willing to write HTML yourself and there are limits to what you can do, but hopefully it will be easier to use.

The site is currently at a temporary address and is invisible from outside, but when we are ready it will be moved to  For that reason, please do not link IN to these pages from outside until the system has been launched.

The system is arranged as a set of "folders" underneath a "home" directory.  Folders can be visible, such as this "help" folder, which has its own tab in the header, or hidden, such as the "images" folder that users should not be able to link to directly.


Each person in the group has their own home page, which they can edit themselves (for details see the relevant help link).  The addition of new people, or the removal of those who have left, is controlled by Lorna

Research Themes

The system uses the idea of research themes that are tied to people, but I am keen that these are broad and that we do not have a "one person, one theme" mentality.  The themes set up so far are as follows, but there is on-going discussion about these.


ASG. Advanced Structures

BIO. Structures for the Biological Sciences

BRE. Bridge Engineering

COMP. Computational Mechanics

DYN. Structural Dynamics

ENV. Building Envelopes

MISC. Structural Theory

NMSE. New Materials in Structural Engineering

PHY. Building Physics

RISK. Risk and Assessment

SUST. Sustainability


Each member of staff is associated with a number of research themes and is able to edit the the relevant pages.

Research Projects

Within each Research Theme we will have a number of Research Projects.  I expect that each Project will be associated with a supervisor and one or more research students, and possible external collaborator.  Each research students home page will point to at least one research project, and my hope is that each student will be responsible for updating that page, in association with their supervisor.



Once we have the basic structure set up we will change the name to www-structures and make the system live.  At that point we will go through the existing CUED web pages and make sure that they point to the new pages, not the old ones.  If necessary we will replace the old pages with redirects so that people outside go seamlessly to the new pages.

If you have existing pages that contain information you should decide whether

1.  they should remain where they are with a link to them from these pages, or

2.  the information from them is brought into this system, in which case you should think how it is done.

The latter is probably desirable but may not be practical in the short term. 


Chris Burgoyne (updated 30/3/2011)