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How to edit your Home Page

Gives information about how to edit your home page on the SRG web site

To edit your web page you must be logged-in to the site - if not click the grey "Log in" box in the top right corner.

Go to the "People" page and find yourself.  Click on your name or your photo.

You should now find yourself in a page with a row of tabs above your name.  Click on "edit"

You should then see three tabs - Basic Information, Contact Information and Professional Information.  Fill these in as you wish.  Most of the boxes are set up so that you can edit directly in the box.  You can also cut and paste using ctrl-c and ctrl-v.  Note that it is probably a good idea NOT to create text in Word or Wordpad and then cut and paste directly.  These systems add a lot of Microsoft junk like styles and fonts.  If you have text elsewhere, paste it into Notepad first - this strips out all garbage.

You can move between the three tabs by using the "next" and "previous" buttons at the bottom, or by clicking the tabs at the top.

When you are done, remember to click "save" at the bottom

You can see what the page will look like by clicking the "view" tab, but if you want to see what it looks like to someone from outside, you need to use a different browser, since once you are logged-in using Raven you remain logged in until that browser is shut down.

Chris Burgoyne  30/3/2011