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How to add a new Research Project

This is aimed at supervisors who need to create a new project page within a Research Theme

Under Research Themes, go to the relevant theme.  If you are listed as one of the staff specializing in this area you should already have permission to edit this page, hopefully in agreement with the others.

Click on "add specialty".  This will take you to a web page where you add the relevant information.

Short name is just a few characters that form part of the address.

The title of the project is your choice but please prefix it with the name of the theme plus a colon - thus, a Project within BRE. Bridge Engineering should be prefixed with BRE:  [This is a work-around to make sure that the system lists the projects within the relevant theme - for some bizarre reason it lists them alphabetically, rather than by structure.]

If you want to add an image, this needs to have been previously uploaded to the image folder, which sits under the "home" button.

To associate people with the project, click the "add" button under People.  This will give you a list of all members of the group.  Click on "insert" for the relevant people.  This will have two effect - it will add them to the project, but it will also add the project on their home page.

When you are done, click "save"

You may wish to give your students permission to edit this page.  You can do this by clicking on the "sharing" tab.  In the "search for user" box type the crsid of the student (the surname doesn't seem to work).  Their name should then appear in the list below with some blank boxes.  Tick "can add", "can edit" and "can view".  Remember to "save".

If this is the first time you have edited this page, it will still be private and can't be seen by others.  You can leave it like this if you are still going to edit it, but otherwise you should click on the "state" button and select "published".

That's it.

Chris Burgoyne  30/3/2011