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PhD Abstracts

Contains abstracts of PhD Theses
R E Southward

R G Sim

T R Gurney

D J Gunaratnam

R T Willmington

M.P. Ranaweera

A J Morris

James Henry Williams

D A Taylor

D J Sheppard

B.P.M. Sharples

R F Serra

K E Moxham

B W Young

F S Pitman

R E Melchers

D C Johnston

J J Climenhaga

J L Clarke

A B Cammaert

S Rajendran

I J Oppenheim

R E Loov

J I Gill

V Thevendran

R J S Spence

R B Gilbert

A L Woodhead

G H Little

A G Kamtekar

M C Hope-Gill

N A Rogers

G A Mohr

T O E Lawal

P J Cookson

B D Reddy

C D Bradfield

J M Robinson

M Pavlovic

L A Kubik

N A Memon

A Kashani-Akhavan

T Smithers

R Chamorro Garcia

M A Clarke

M P Wong

H Y Low

R W P Stonor

T See

D S Mofflin

M A Kishek

G M Hong

A Scaramangas

I Robertson

F Abbassian

S Pellergrino

J G Payne

I M Kani

J A Free

K M Bajoria

Z B Mohamed

S T Lim Kim Mui

S-L Li

W K F Lam

Richard John Kollek

S Kamalarasa

P V Joseph

D T Hatzis

D M R Gray-Stephens

F A Fathelbab

A Affan

A Affan

G. Lu

K S Kandil

N J Robinson

M S Z B Madros

H Kamyab

P A Hodgetts

Lai Ling Tam

A T Salami

K V G Prakhya

R Phaal

M Eltayeb Yousif

Q Long

Wrinkling in polygonal membranes

Folded Shell Structures

Compliant Shell Mechanisms and Inextensional Theory

FRP Debonding Fratcure and Design for Flexural Retrofitting

Polynomial Continuation in the Design of Deployable Structures

Double-Layer Tensegrity Grids

Optimum Shear Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams

Reuse of steel and aluminium without melting

Material efficiency in construction’

Elementary Morphing Shells

Symmetric descendants of the Miura-ori



A Dual Boundary and Finite Element Method for Fluid Flow

Viscoelastic Behaviour of PBO Fibres for use in a Stratospheric Particle Injection System

On the Flexibility of Periodic Bar-joint Frameworks