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Dr Giorgia Giardina

Dr Giorgia Giardina

Research Associate

Cambridge University
Engineering Department
Trumpington Street
Cambridge CB2 1PZ


Dr Giardina is a Research Associate in the Structures Group of the Engineering Department. She completed her PhD at the Technical University of Delft. Previously she obtained her Engineer degree from the University of Brescia, Italy.

Research Interests

  • Risk assessment
  • Damage assessment
  • Seismic vulnerability
  • Masonry structures
  • Soil-structure interaction
  • Computational modelling
  • Small scale experimental modelling
  • Centrifuge testing
  • Tunnelling
  • Seismic retrofit
  • Historical structures


Finite Element Methods - Supervisor

Dimensional Analysis - Demonstrator

Key Publications

G. Giardina, M.J. DeJong, R.J. Mair (2015). Interaction between surface structures and tunnelling in sand: centrifuge and computational modelling, Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology, 50, 465-478

G. Giardina, M.A.N. Hendriks, J.G. Rots (2015). Sensitivity study on tunnelling induced damage to a masonry façade. Engineering Structures, 89, 111-129.

G. Giardina, M.A.N. Hendriks, J.G. Rots (2014). Damage functions for the vulnerability assessment of masonry buildings subjected to tunnelingJ. Struct. Eng.

G. Giardina, A.V. van de Graaf, M.A.N. Hendriks, J.G. Rots, A. Marini (2013). Numerical analysis of a masonry façade subject to tunnelling-induced settlements. Engineering Structures, 54, 234-247. 

G. Giardina, A. Marini, M.A.N. Hendriks, J.G. Rots, F. Rizzardini, E. Giuriani (2012). Experimental analysis of a masonry façade subject to tunnelling-induced settlements. Engineering Structures, 45, 421-434.

Other Publications

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