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Structures Research Group


PhD Dissertations published by the Structures Group. Links are to abstracts of the thesis where available on-line.

273 Sivanendran, S 2017 CFRP prestressed concrete exposed to moisture
272 McNicholl, D 2017 Characteristics of Stakeholder Networks Supporting Institutional Development in Rural Water Service Delivery
271 Fayyad, T 2016 Reinforced concrete fracture
270 Jin, F 2016 Time dependent behaviour of RC beams strengthened with pre-stressed CFRP straps
269 Kecman, M 2016 Robust higher-order immersed finite element analysis using implicit geometry representations
268 Khan, A 2015 Hydrology of the Upper Indus Basin
267 Foster, R 2015 Shear strengthening of reinforced concrete T-beams with carbon fibre reinforced polymer fabrics
266 Toupanaki, E 2015 Durability and bond performance of CFRP tendons in high strength concrete
265 Liang, X. 2015 On the Flexibility of Periodic Bar-joint Frameworks
264 Causier M.L.T. 2014 Viscoelastic Behaviour of PBO Fibres for use in a Stratospheric Particle Injection System
263 Silviera, R. 2014 A Dual Boundary and Finite Element Method for Fluid Flow
262 Acikgoz, S. 2014 Seismic Assessment of Flexible Rocking Structures
261 Loukaides, E. 2014 Elementary Morphing Shells
260 Webb, G. 2014 Structural health monitoring of bridges
259 Sareh, P. 2014 Symmetric descendants of the miura-ori
258 Omu, A.O. 2014 Integrated analysis of distributed energy resource systems
257 Moynihan, M.C. 2014 Material efficiency in construction
256 Bandara, K.M.K. 2014 Multiresolution surfaces in shape optimisation of shells and solids
255 Rysanek, A.M. 2013 A method of deep building retrofit decision-making using sequential models
254 Mitsos, I. 2013 Double-layer tensegrity grids
253 Cooper, D. 2013 Reuse of steel and aluminium without melting
252 Booth, A.T. 2013 Handling uncertainty in the retrofit of the UK housing stock
251 Guan, G. 2013

 FRP Debonding Fracture and Design for Flexural Retrofitting

250 Viquerat, A. 2012 Polynomial Continuation in the Design of Deployable Structures
249 Seereeram, V. 2012

Compliant Shell Mechanisms and Inextensional Theory

248 Schenk, M. 2012 Folded Shell Structures
247 Bonin, A. 2012 Wrinkling in polygonal membranes
246 Leal Ayala, D.R. 2012 Paper re-use: toner-print removal by laser ablation
245 Viquerat 2011 Polynomial Continuation in the Design of Deployable Structures
244 Yapa, H. D. 2011 Optimum Shear Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete
243 Music, O. 2011 Flexible Asymmetric Spinning
242 Jackson, A. 2011 Modelling the collapse behaviour of reinforced concrete slabs
241 Yapa, H.D. 2011 Optimum Shear Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beams
240 Augusthus Nelson, L. 2011 Size Effects in Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with CFRP Straps
239 Taher Khorramabadi, M. 2010 FRP Bond behaviour during intermediate concrete cover separation in flexurally strenghtened RC beams
238 Eltayeb Yousif, M. 2010 Non-linear Bond Modelling for reinforced Concrete-A Newly-Modified Bond Model
237 Long, Q. 2010 Subdivision Finite Elements for Geometrically Complex Thin & Thick Shells
236 Giannopoulos, I. 2010 Creep and Creep Rupture Behaviour of Aramid Fibres
235 Hassan Dirar, S.M.L. 2009 Shear Strengthening of pre-cracked reinforced concrete T-beams using carbon fibre systems
234 Gan, W.W. 2009 Analysis & Design of Closed-Loop Deployable Frame Structure
233 Gerngross, T. 2009 Viscoelastic Behaviour in Stratospheric Balloon Structures
232 Winslow, P. 2009 Synthesis and Optimisation of Free-Form Grid Structures
231 Scott, P. 2009 Aspects of CFRP Prestressed concrete durability in the marine environment
230 Achintha, P.M.M. 2009 Fracture Analysis of Debonding Mechanism for FRP Plates
229 Ramar, P. R. 2009 Novel Symmetric Tensegrity Structures
228 Norman, A. 2009 Multistable and Morphing Corrugated Shell Structures
227 Toews von Riesen, E. 2008 Active Hyperhelical Structures
226 Parikh, P. 2008 Impact of Integrated Water and Environmental Sanitation Infrastructure on Poverty Alleviation
225 Persaud, R. 2008 The Structural Behaviour of a Composite Timber and Concrete Floor System Incorporating Steel Decking as Permanent Formwork
224 Prendergast, J.M. 2008 Simulation of Unsteady 2-D Wind by a Vortex Method
223 Xu, Y. 2008 A computational Study of Lobed Balloons
222 Kueh, A. 2008 Thermo-mechanical properties of triaxial weave fabric composites
221 Pagitz, M. 2008 Analytical and Numerical Studies of Superpressure Balloons
220 Leung, A. 2007 Actuation Properties of Kagome Lattice Structures
219 Marfisi, E. 2007 Measurement of Concrete Samples using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
218 Ye, H. 2007 Bistable Cylindrical Space Frames
217 Waller, S.D. 2007 Mechanics of Novel Compression Structures
216 Santer, M.J. 2006 Design of Multistable Structures
215 Yee, J. 2006 Thin CFRP Composite Deployable Structures
214 Walker, G.M. 2006 Strength assessment of reinforced concrete voided bridge slabs
213 Hoult, N.A. 2006 Shear retrofitting of reinforced concrete beams with CFRP straps
212 Morais, M. 2006 Ductility of Beams Prestressed with FRP Tendons
211 Schioler, T. 2005 Multi-stable structural elements
210 Imhof, D. 2005 Risk assessment of existing bridge structures
209 Lea, F. 2005 Uncertainty in condition and strength assessment of reinforced concrete bridges
208 Jensen, F.V. 2005 Concepts for retractable roof structures
207 Ong, P.P.A. 2004 Frequency domain analysis of underwater catenary mooring cables
206 Ekstrom, L.J. 2004 Welding of bistable fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composite pipelines
205 Jaafar, K. 2004 Spiral shear reinforcement for concrete structures under static and seismic loads
204 Baskaran, K. 2004
203 Farmer, S.M. 2004 Large-displacement buckling of centrally loaded simply supported circular plates
202 Lu, H-Y. 2003 Behaviour of reinforced concrete cantilevers under concentrated loads
201 Kesse, G. 2003 Concrete beams with external prestressed carbon FRP shear reinforcement
200 Balafas, I. 2003 Fibre-reinforced-polymers versus steel in concrete bridges:  structural design and economic viability
199 Watt, A.M. 2003 Deployable structures with self-locking hinges
198 Alwis K.G.N.C. 2003 Accelerated testing for long-term stress-rupture behaviour of aramid fibres
197 Wong,  Y.W. 2003 Wrinkling of thin membrane structures
196 Tan, L.T. 2003 Thin-walled elastically foldable reflector structures
195 Kukathasan, S. 2003 Vibration of space membrane structures
194 Morgenthal, G. 2002 Aerodynamic analysis of structures using high-resolution vortex particle methods.
193 Lennon, B.A. 2002 Equilibrium and stability of inflatable membrane structures.
192 Aberle M. 2001 The nonlinear analysis of shear-weak gridshells.
191 Denton S.R. 2001 The strength of reinforced concrete slabs and the implications of limited ductility.
190 Galletly D. 2001 Modelling the equilibrium and stability of slit tubes.
189 Iqbal K. 2001 Mechanics of laminated bi-stable tubular structures.
188 Lai C.Y. 2001 Analysis and design of a deployable membrane reflector.
187 Ochsendorf J.A. 2001 Collapse of masonry structures.
186 Fischer A. 2000 Gravity compensation of deployable space structures.
185 Frandsen J.B. 2000 Computational fluid-structure interaction applied to long-span bridge design.
184 Leung H.Y. 2000 Aramid fibre spirals to confine concrete in compression.
183 Stratford T.J. 2000 The shear of concrete with elastic FRP reinforcement.
182 Weerasinghe M. 2000 The structural behaviour of a composite stub-girder incorporating an asymmetric slim floor beam.
181 Bulbul M.Y.I. 1999 The Geometric Nonlinear Behaviour of Space Structures with Imperfect, Laterally Loaded Slender Members.
180 Hack T. 1999 Stick-Slip Piezoelectric Actuators.
179 King S.A. 1999 Nonlinear and chaotic dynamics of thin-walled open-section deployable structures.
178 Hicks S.J. 1998 Longitudinal Shear Resistance of Steel and Concrete Composite Beams.
177 Huang W. 1998 Shape Memory Alloys and their Application to Actuators for Deployable Structures.
176 Kangwai R.D. 1998 The analysis of symmetric structures using group representation theory.
175 Miles D.J. 1998 Lateral thermal buckling of pipelines.
174 Srinivasan G. 1998 Modelling and Control of Vortex-induced Bridge Oscillations
173 Brown I.F. 1997 Abrasion and Friction in Parallel-Lay Rope Terminations.
172 El Mously M.E.M. 1997 Free Vibration of Cylindrical and Hyperboloidal Cooling-Tower Shells.
171 Lees J.M. 1997 Flexure of concrete beams pre-tensioned with aramid FRPs .
170 Mandal P. 1997 Buckling of thin cylindrical shells under axial compression.
169 Seffen K.A. 1997 Analysis of Structures Deployed by Tape-Springs.
168 Sundaram J. 1997 Design of continuous prestressed concrete beam bridges using expert systems.
167 Tan G.B. 1997 Nonlinear vibration of cable-deployed space structures.
166 Darby A.P. 1996 Active control of flexible structures using inertial stick-slip actuators.
165 Holst J.M.F.G. 1996 Large Deflection Phenomena in Cylindrical Shells.
164 Kumar P. 1996 Kinematic bifurcations and deployment simulation of foldable space structures.
163 Olonisakin A.A. 1995 Reinforced concrete slabs with partial lateral edge restraint.
162 El Hassan M.A. 1995 The Geometry and structure of DNA and its Role in DNA/protein recognition.
161 Sebastian W.M. 1995 The performance of a composite space truss bridge with glass reinforced plastic panels.
160 Ashour A.F. 1994 Behaviour and strength of reinforced concrete continuous deep beams.
159 Guest S.D. 1994 Deployable structures : concepts and analysis.
158 You Z. 1994 Deployable structures for masts and reflector antennas.
157 Lancaster E.R. 1993 Behaviour of pressurised pipes containing dents and gouges .
156 Maltby T.C. 1993 The upheaval buckling of buried pipelines.
155 Nautiyal S.D. 1993 Parallel computing techniques for investigating three dimensional collapse of a masonry arch.
154 Chan T.K. 1992 Stress concentrations in weld heat affected zones in aluminium-zinc-magnesium alloy.
153 Hearn N. 1992 Saturated permeability of concrete as influenced by cracking and self-sealing.
152 Ibell T.J. 1992 Behaviour of anchorage zones for prestressed concrete.
151 Middleton C.R. 1992 Strength and safety assessment of concrete bridges.
150 Amaniampong G. 1991 Variability and viscoelasticity of parallel-lay ropes.
149 El-Sheikh A.I. 1991 The effect of composite action on the behaviour of space structures.
148 van Heerden T.F. 1991 Force method solution of finite element equilibrium models for plane continua.
147 Jayasinghe M.T.R. 1991 Rationalization of prestressed concrete spine beam design philosophy for expert systems.
146 Kuang J.S. 1991 Punching shear failure of concrete slabs with compressive membrane action.
145 Phaal, R. 1991 A two-surface computational model for the analysis of thin shell structures.
144 Kwan A.S.K. 1990 A pantographic deployable mast.
143 Lipscombe P.R. 1990 Dynamics of rigid block structures.
142 Prakhya K.V.G. 1990 Ferrocement structures: constitutive relations, non-linear finite element analysis, and analogy with reinforced concrete.
141 Salami A.T. 1990 Finite element analysis of membrane action in reinforced concrete slabs.
140 Tam L.L. 1990 Strain-rate and inertia effects in the collapse of energy-absorbing structures.
139 Tsiagbe W.Y. 1990 Relaxation of weld residual stresses by post-weld heat treatment.
138 Hodgetts P.A. 1989 The collapse behaviour of lattice hyperbolic paraboloids.
137 Kamyab H. 1989 Effects of foundation settlement on oil storage tanks.
136 Madros M.S.Z.B. 1989 The structural behaviour of composite stub-birder floor systems.
135 Peer L.B.B. 1989 Water flow into unsaturated concrete.
134 Robinson N.J. 1989 The wind induced vibration and fatigue of floating roofs on oil storage tanks.
133 Roche J.J. 1989 The design and analysis of shallow spherical domes constructed from triangular panels.
132 Kandil K.S. 1988 Interaction between local and euler buckling modes in thin-walled columns.
131 Lu G. 1988 Cutting of a plate by a wedge.
130 Affan A. 1987 Collapse of double-layer space grid structures.
129 Fathelbab F.A. 1987 The effect of joints on the stability of shallow single layer lattice domes.
128 Gray-Stephens D.M.R. 1987 Residual stresses in ring stiffened cylinders.
127 Hatzis D.T. 1987 The influence of imperfections on the behaviour of shallow single layer lattice domes.
126 Joseph P.J. 1987 The compressive behaviour of thin-walled cold-formed steel columns.
125 Kamalarasa S. 1987 Buckle propagation in submarine pipelines.
124 Kollek R.J. 1987 Collapse mechanisms of locally loaded reinforced concrete shells.
123 Lam W.F. 1987 Constitutive relations for finite element analysis of tension stiffening in reinforced concrete.
122 Li S-L. 1987 Stress analysis in two dimensions by a 'mixed' finite element method.
121 Li Kim Mui S.T. 1987 Pore pressure in concrete: theory and triaxial tests.
120 Mohamed Z.B. 1987 Shear strength of reinforced concrete wall-beam structures: upper-bound analysis and 
119 Bajoria K.M. 1986 Three dimensional progressive collapse of warehouse racking.
118 Free J.A. 1986 Residual stresses in welded tubular Y-joints.
117 Kani I.M. 1986 A theoretical and experimental investigation of the collapse of shallow reticulated domes.
116 Payne J.G. 1986 Residual stresses in welded tubular T-joints.
115 Pellegrino S. 1986 Mechanics of kinematically indeterminate structures
114 Abbassian F. 1985 Long-running ductile fracture of high pressure gas pipelines.
113 Robertson I. 1985 Strength loss in welded aluminium structures.
112 Scaramangas A. 1985 Residual stresses in girth butt welded pipes.
111 Hong G.M. 1984 Buckling of non-welded aluminium columns
110 Kishek M.A. 1984 Tension stiffening and crack widths in reinforced concrete beam and slab elements.
109 Mofflin D.S. 1984 Plate buckling in steel and aluminium.
108 See T. 1984 Large displacement elastic buckling of space structures
107 Stonor R.W.P. 1983 Unstiffend steel compression panels with and without coincident shear.
106 Kelly S.J. 1982 Structural aspects of the progressive collapse of warehouse racking.
105 Low H.Y. 1982 Some structural aspects of collisions between ships and offshore concrete 
104 Whaley B.C. 1982 The application of the reflective moire method to the bending and buckling of steel plates.
103 Wong M.P. 1982 Weld shrinkage in non-linear materials.
102 Clark M.A. 1981 Collapse of rigidly jointed trusses.
101 Chamorro Garcia R. 1981 Strength and stability of concrete deep beams.
100 Smithers T. 1981 The design of homologically deforming cyclically symmetric structures.
99 Kashani-Akhavan A. 1979 Fracture toughness of glass fibre reinforced cement composites.
98 Memon N.A. 1979 A study of anisotropic slabs with particular reference to the effects of openings.
97 Kubik L.A. 1978 Strength and serviceability of reinforced-concrete deep beams.
96 Pavlovic M. 1978 Numerical methods for the analysis of elastic thin shells.
95 Robinson J.M. 1978 Aspects of the elastic buckling of thin cylindrical shells.
94 Bradfield C.D. 1977 Problems in the strength of stiffened steel compression panels.
93 Reddy B.D. 1977 The elastic and plastic buckling of circular cylinders in bending.
92 White J.D. 1977 Residual stress in welded plates.
91 Yasseri S.F. 1977 Optimal design of plates, with special reference to reinforced concrete slabs.
90 Cookson P.J. 1976 Collapse of concrete box girders involving distortion of the cross-section.
89 Lawal T. 1976 Compressive membrane forces in reinforced concrete slabs.
88 Mohr G.A. 1976 Analysis and design of plate and shell structures using finite elements.
87 Rogers N.A. 1975 Local buckling of welded steel outstands.
86 Hope-Gill M.C. 1974 The ultimate strength of continuous composite beams.
85 Kamtekar A.G. 1974 Welding and buckling effects in thin steel plates.
84 Little G.H. 1974 Local and flexural failure in steel compression members.
83 Woodhead A.L. 1974 A finite-element method for analysis of two-dimensional continuous structures.
82 Gilbert R.B. 1973 Topics in the elastic buckling of plates and columns.
81 Spence R.J.S. 1973 The strength of concrete box girder bridge decks of deformable cross section.
80 Thevendran V. 1973 Structural optimization by mathematical programming.
79 Gill J.I. 1972 Computer-aided design of shell structures using the finite element method.
78 Loov R.E. 1972 Finite element analysis of concrete members considering the effects of cracking and the inclusion of reinforcement.
77 Oppenheim I.J. 1972 The effect of cladding on tall buildings.
76 Rajendran S. 1972 The strength of reinforced-concrete slab elements.
75 Cammaert A.B. 1971 The optimal design of multi-storey frames using mathematical programming.
74 Clarke J.L. 1971 Composite plates with stud shear connectors.
73 Climenhaga J.J. 1971 Local buckling in composite beams.
72 Johnston D.C. 1971 Compression members in trusses.
71 Melchers R.E. 1971 Optimal fibre-reinforced plates: with special reference to reinforced concrete.
70 Pitman F.S. 1971 The behaviour of intersections in cylindrical pressure vessels.
69 Young B.W. 1971 Steel column design.
68 Moxham K.E. 1970 Compression in welded web plates.
67 Serra R.F. 1970 Numerical solution of some plate and shell problems, with emphasis on collocation.
66 Sharples B.P.M. 1970 The structural behaviour of composite columns.
65 Sheppard D.J. 1970 Structural design optimization by dynamic programming.
64 Taylor D.A. 1970 The behaviour of continuous columns.
63 Williams J.H. 1970 Elastic cylindrical shells with open and closed ends.
62 Morris A.J. 1969 Point Loads on Shell Structure.
61 Ranaweera M.P. 1969 The finite element method applied to limit analysis.
60 Willmington R.T. 1969 Vertical shear in composite beams.
59 Gunaratnam D.J. 1968 Finite elastic-plastic displacements of shells.
58 Gurney T.R. 1968 Methods of improving the fatigue strength of fillet welded joints.
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53 Van Dalen K. 1967 Composite action at the supports of continuous beams.
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39 Gorczynski W. 1963 The influence of temperature and internal pressure on stresses in piping systems.
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37 Lyon J.R. 1962 The incremental collapse of ductile structures.
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35 Oladapo I.O. 1962 The effect of the rate of loading on the moment-curvature relation of prestressed concrete beams.
34 Topper T.H. 1962 The behaviour of mild steel under cyclic loading in the plastic range.
33 Grundy P. 1961 The strength of elastically restrained mild steel tubular struts.
32 La Grange L.E. 1961 Moment redistribution in prestressed concrete beams and frames.
31 Renton J.D. 1961 The elastic stability of frameworks.
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14 Ashwell D.G. 1953 The finite deformation of thin plates and shells.
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4 Ng W.H. 1947 The behaviour and design of battened structural members.
3 Davies R.D. 1935 The transverse oscillation of railway vehicles.
2 Henderson P.L. 1933 Oscillations in railway bridges.
1 Goodier J.N. 1931 (a) Some problems of plane stress
      (b) On the permanent corrugation of surfaces by the action of moving loads.
      (c) On the forced transverse oscillations of constrained beams and plates.