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Structures Research Group


Our objective is to invent reliable, accurate, predictive tools to model complex structural behaviour.


More can be demanded from modern structures if we can model increasingly complex and interactive performances.


We develop multi-physics modelling software to capture more realistic features of loading and material behaviour.  This is complemented by innovative geometrical subdivision of meshes, for higher computational efficiencies.

We improve existing analytical methods by considering techniques and schemes from other technical fields such as: sophisticated hysteretic plasticity models in foundation loading of offshore structures; Bayesian statistical methods for reliable predictions where there are uncertain properties; optimal control strategies for active structures; long term stability analysis of dynamical structures with nonlinear features.

We are also interested in the fundamental nature of structural mechanics, in particular, of the duality between geometrical compatibility and equilibrium.  We are extending and exploiting the method of Graphic Statics, to a range of structural forms and behaviour.

Example areas

  • Numerical computation and finite element analysis
  • Fluid-structure, human-structure, and soil-structure interactions
  • Structural dynamics: passive responses and active control
  • Modern Graphic Statics

Academic staff

Dr. Keith Seffen

Prof. Simon Guest

Prof. Allan McRobie

Dr. Fehmi Cirak


Dr. Christelle Abadie


Affiliated collaborators


Dr James Talbot