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Structures Research Group

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Our objective is to provide the understanding needed to make better use of existing materials, to use new materials, and to combine materials in new ways.



Every structural system relies on materials. These materials are sometimes used in isolation; more often they are used in combination to create multi-material systems. The enormous quantities in which we use materials in the built environment mean that what we use and how we use it can have huge impacts, on us and on the world around us.



Understanding the behaviour of materials and the development of meaningful constitutive models is key to all structural modelling. We investigate ways in which single material systems behave and how to combine complementary materials into systems that allow us to make best use of the properties of each material.  We are not only interested in the short-term behaviour of materials and material systems under ideal conditions, but also the time dependent behaviour of structures subjected to long-term loads, cyclic loading and all manner of environmental factors.


Example areas

  • material behaviour of glass, concrete or timber 
  • constitutive modelling
  • façade panel systems
  • fabric formed concrete    
  • FRP strengthened concrete        


Academic Staff 

Alan   Copy

Prof. Allan McRobie


Prof. Janet Lees


Dr John Orr



Dr Rob Foster



Emeritus Staff


Prof Chris Burgoyne

Emeritus Dr  Chris Morley

Dr Chris Morley


Affiliated Staff

Pieter Desnerck 03b           

Dr Pieter Desnerck      Dr Mauro Overend