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Structures Research Group

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Our objective is to provide the understanding needed for the integrated design of buildings and building envelopes that serve people better while costing the world less.


The global stock of buildings is expected to approximately double by 2060. That amounts to 230 billion m2 of new building construction over the next 40 years, or the equivalent of 60 new Empire State Buildings a day. This represents both an unprecedented challenge and an unprecedented opportunity. An unprecedented challenge because we must build in a way that preserves the quality of the natural world around us; and an unprecedented opportunity because we can create buildings and cities that enhance the well-being and productivity of their inhabitants.


Our research investigates the adaptation of existing buildings and infrastructure to meet changing demands as well as entirely new building structural typologies. We recognise that if buildings don’t work for people, then they don’t work – so we explore the relationship between building performance and occupant well-being. Since a building’s envelope plays at least as great a role as its structure in determining building performance, we develop glass and façade technologies that support new design possibilities.

 Example areas

  • building adaptation and reuse
  • integrated structural systems
  • building envelopes
  • resource efficient buildings
  • minimising energy in construction
  • occupant well-being 

Academic Staff


Dr Mauro Overend


Dr Rob Foster

Alan   Copy

Prof Allan McRobie


Dr John Orr


Prof Janet Lees


Affiliated collaborators


Dr. Michael Ramage


Dr. Ruchi Choudhary


Prof. Julian Allwood