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Structures Research Group


Our research broadly divides into Structural Design and Structural Mechanics. The former addresses the use of new materials whilst enhancing traditional ones; we develop novel systems to extend the life of current structures; and we create new infrastructure that serves Society, and the Environment, better. Our Structural Mechanics captures a broad range of behaviour at all scales, from heavyweight engineering to biological processes; we consider old and new methods, from Graphic Statics to multi-physics Finite Element analysis; we continue to understand, and to develop, the mathematical interplay between kinematics and equilibrium, which has enabled us to synthesise novel tensegrities and shape-changing structures. 

Our research serves Civil Engineering applications as well as those in Materials Engineering, Bio-engineering, and Aerospace Engineering. 


Structural Computation and Dynamics  


Materials and Multi-Materials systems  

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        Lightweight Structures

  miura twist

    Buildings and Building Envelope  






      Construction and Manufacture