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Structures Research Group


Compliant Shell Mechanisms and Inextensional Theory

V R Seereeram

November 2012



Compliant shell mechanisms are a new class of lightweight structures, comprising discrete shell elements interconnected along hinge-lines. They undergo large changes in overall shape by deforming between, and by articulating about, these hinge-lines, and promise to offer novel solutions for reconfigurable structures such as morphing shells and deployable membranes. This seminar will focus on characterising the behaviour of one type known as a curved corrugated shell.  Despite its simplicity, it displays a remarkable range of deformation in the global sense, including coupling between extension and bending as well as changes in Gaussian curvature.  Locally, it may be assumed that the shell deforms inextensibly, in order to permit a tractable framework for capturing the overall kinematics and for modelling the load-displacement response.  This will be demonstrated for a variety of deformed shapes and will be validated by finite-element analysis and experimental methods.