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Structures Research Group



He was on the teaching staff of the Department from 1960 until 2002. He is an Emeritus Fellow of Peterhouse. His main interests are in buckling and vibration of thin-shell Structures, and in bistability, on a microscopic scale, in protein molecules and assemblies


  • Thin-shell structures in general; and their buckling and vibrational behaviour in particular.
  • Irreversible thermal and other buckling phenomena in submarine pipelines.
  • Biological micro-scale mechanics : liposomes, bacterial flagella, and sequence-specific interaction between DNA and protein, and detailed bi-stabilities in interfaces between alpha-helices.


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Teaching and Supervisions


At present he is teaching part of a second-year, Easter term course in Biological and Medical Engineering: 4 lectures on biological structures at the molecular scale.



Professor of Structural Mechanics

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