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Michalis Michael PhD Student

Michalis Michael, PhD Student

Supervisor: Dr Mauro Overend


In 2017,  Michalis graduated in Engineering (BA & MEng) at the University of Cambridge, funded by the Cambridge European Bursary and qualified in Aerospace and Aerothermal Engineering, Energy and Sustainability and the Environment. His research interests lie in Intelligent and Responsive Sustainable buildings. His research project, during his MEng year, was based on the plume and ventilation theory under the supervision of Professor Gary Hunt. He developed a mathematical model estimating the rate of smoke filling a room and the ‘available safe egress time’ for the occupants.

In 2017, Michalis joined the Future Infrastructure and Built Environment (FIBE) CDT at Cambridge, funded by the EPSRC. In May 2018, he joined the gFT research group starting with his MRes project titled “A new generation of responsive and energy efficient building envelopes” supervised by Dr Mauro Overend.

Michalis continues for his PhD with the gFT research group, under the supervision of Dr Mauro Overend, working on the new generation of multi-functional, responsive and energy efficient building envelopes for improving their overall performance whilst reducing their impact on the environment.