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Research themes

Advanced Structures
Lightweight structures across a range of scales.
Bridge Engineering
This theme investigates a wide range of projects that relate to the behaviour of Bridges.
Building Envelopes
Projects relating to facades and building skins.
Building Physics
Projects related to heating, cooling and environmental behaviour of buildings.
Low Carbon Materials Processing
Developing innovative materials processing technologies, mainly for flexible forming of metal under computer control.
New Materials in Structural Engineering
A group of projects relating to the use of advanced fibres (aramid, carbon, PBO) to Structural Engineering problems
Risk and Assessment
Projects relating to risk, reliability and decision-making.
Structural Computation
Projects related to Numerical Computations for a variety of Structures.
Structural Dynamics
Projects relating to the dynamics of structures.
Structural Theory
A variety of projects related to miscellaneous structural theory.
Structures for the Biological Sciences
Structural Engineering applied to Biological Systems.
Issues related to Sustainability of Structures