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Advanced Structures

Lightweight structures across a range of scales.

Welcome to the homepage of the Advanced Structures Group.

We consider light-weight structures across a range of scales: these can be engineering structures, such as aircraft, satellites or vehicles, or natural structures such as shells, plant stems and proteins.

Remarkably, most of the artificial and natural world, relies upon structures moving or deforming in some way: we aim to understand these processes. An emerging field we are focusing on is structures that can change, or shift, shape in a dramatic way. These are also known as Morphing Structures.

People specializing in this area

Academic Staff

Dr Keith Seffen, PhD MA CMath MIMA MAIAA

Non-linear, large-displacement behaviour of shells, including buckling, localisation and multistability; inextensible behaviour of ultra-thin plates and shells; textured and corrugated plates and shells; bending and membrane growth and actuation in shells