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Mr Will Hawkins MEng

Mr Will Hawkins, MEng

PhD researcher in structural engineering

Supervisor: Dr John Orr


Thin-shell concrete floors for sustainable buildings
Will completed his MEng degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Cambridge, graduating with a first class (pass with distinction) degree. Will won seven awards during his time at the University of Cambridge. His major research project was ‘Prestressed Ceramic Structures’ which investigated the effects of prestressing in improving the structural performance of common brittle materials such as ceramics. He graduated from Cambridge in 2013 and joined AKTII as a graduate engineer.

Will began his PhD at the University of Bath in 2015 before transferring to Cambridge in 2017. He is researching a lightweight  and sustainable flooring system for multi-storey buildings using structurally optimised concrete shells.

Lead Supervisor: Dr John Orr. Co-Supervisors: Professor Tim Ibell, Dr Paul Shepherd (University of Bath)

Research Interests

Shell structures, construction materials, sustainable design, optimisation, construction technology. 

Key Publications

Hawkins, W., Orr, J., Shepherd, P., Ibell, T. 2018. Design, Construction and Testing of a Low Carbon Thin-Shell Concrete Flooring System. Structures. In press.

Hawkins, W., Orr, J., Ibell, T., Shepherd, P. 2018. An Analytical Failure Envelope for the Design of Textile Reinforced Concrete Shells. Structures, 15, pp.56-65.

Hawkins, W., Herrmann, M., Ibell, T.J., Kromoser, B., Michaelski, A., Orr, J.J., Pedreschi, R., Pronk, A., Schipper, H.R., Shepherd, P. and Veenendaal, D., 2016. Flexible formwork technologies–a state of the art review. Structural Concrete, 17(6), pp.911-935.

Other Publications

Hawkins, W., Orr, J., Ibell, T. and Shepherd, P., 2017, September. Thin-shell textile-reinforced concrete floors for sustainable buildings. In Proceedings of the IASS Annual Symposium 2017. International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures.

Hawkins, W., Orr, J., Ibell, T. and Shepherd, P., 2017, April. Developing an innovative lightweight concrete flooring system for sustainable buildings. In IABSE Symposium Report (Vol. 108, No. 1, pp. 66-67). International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering.

Hawkins, W., Orr, J., Shepherd, P. and Ibell, T., 2016, August. Fabric formed concrete: physical modelling for assessment of digital form finding methods. In Proceedings of 11th fib International PhD Symposium in Civil Engineering, University of Tokyo.