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PhD Abstracts

Contains abstracts of PhD Theses
Fracture Analysis of debonding mechanism for FRP Plates

P.M.M. Achintha

Ductility of Beams Prestressed with FRP Tendons

Miguel Morais

Measurement of Concrete Samples using Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Emanuele Marfisi

Modelling the collapse behaviour of reinforced concrete slabs

Andrew Jackson

Size Effects in Reinforced Concrete Beams Strengthened with CFRP Straps

Levingshan Augusthus Nelson

FRP Bond behaviour during intermediate concrete cover separation in flexurally strenghtened RC beams

Mehdi Taher Khorramabadi

Creep and Creep Rupture Behaviour of Aramid Fibres

Ioannis Giannopoulos

Synthesis and Optimisation of Free-Form Grid Structures

Peter Winslow

Aspects of CFRP Prestressed concrete durability in the marine environment

Paul Scott

Novel Symmetric Tensegrity Structures

Raj Ramar

Multistable and Morphing corrugated shell structures

Alex Norman

Active Hyperhelical Structures

Eduard Toews von Riesen

Impact of Integrated Water and Environmental Sanitation Infrastructure on Poverty Alleviation

Priti Parikh

Simulation of unsteady 2-D wind by a vortex method

John Prendergast

Thermo-Mechanical Properties of Triaxial Weave Fabric Composites

Ahmad Kueh

Analytical and Numerical Studies of Superpressure Balloons

Markus Pagitz

Viscoelastic Behaviour in Stratospheric Balloon Structures

Tobias Gerngross

A Computational Study of Lobed Balloons

Yixiang Xu

Analysis & Design of Closed-Loop Deployable Frame Structure

Wei Gan

Traffic Loading on Short-Span Bridges in Sri Lanka

Yas Gunawardena

Shear Strengthening of pre-cracked reinforced concrete T-beams using carbon fibre systems

Samir Hassan Dirar

The Performance and Optimisation of a Novel FRP Façade Panel for Energy-Efficient Buildings

Qian Jin

The structural behaviour of a compsite timber and concrete floor system incorporating steel decking as permanent formwork

Actuation Properties of Kagome Lattice Structures

Bistable Cylindrical Space Frames

Mechanics of Novel Compression Structures

Design of Multistable Structures

Thin CFRP Composite Deployable Structures

Strength assessment of reinforced concrete voided bridge slabs

Shear retrofitting of reinforced concrete beams with CFRP straps

Parallel computing techniques for investigating three dimensional collapse of a masonry arch.

The wind induced vibration and fatigue of floating roofs on oil storage tanks.

B D Reddy

S J Kelly

S F Yasser

J D White

B Whaley


S Rajendran

K E Moxham

R Royles

Omer Music

Hiran Yapa

I O Oladapo

James N Goodier

Paul Lewis Henderson

Ralfe D Davies


J Heyman

M R Horne

N Gross

F A Blakey

E W Parkes

J F Davidson

D G Ashwell

G D T Wright

J D P Foulkes

L K Stevens

K G Eickhoff

J Gibson

R P N Jones

B G Neal

John H Percy

John S Ellis

William H Cogill

Douglas H Clyde

R W Bailey

J R Rydzewski

H S Khalil

S T Ariaratnam

A N Sherbourne

B Cotterell

S J Britvec

J M T Thompson

J D Renton

L E La Grange

Paul Grundy

Timothy H Topper

I O Oladapo

J B Martin

James R Lyon

T J Poskitt

W Gorczynski

Syed T Wasti

R Royles

M H Ogle

G Augusti 2

Campbell Massey

Christopher T Morley

D L Marriott

A T Radctliffe

A R Kemp

J Isenberg

J Isenberg

J Isenberg

T R Graves-Smith

G A Butlin

K Van Dalen

I W Goodall

M J Woodman